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Cardinal Burke Does it Again

Recently, Cardinal Raymond Burke gave a very good interview to the Wanderer magazine. I suggest that you read it. You can find it here. Michael Voris did two very good Vortex episodes on the interview. Enjoy.

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The Truth about Islam

There are a lot of different explanations of the origins and beliefs of Islam. Most of what is available is incorrect because misinformation. Catholics need to beware of the history and beliefs of their past and future enemy. Hillary Belloc … Continue reading

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Answers for Traditionally Minded Catholics

It is the duty of all confirmed Catholics to continue to learn about their Faith. However, many of the sources available on the web are either based on the water down theology that appeared after Vatican II or is written … Continue reading

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All Altar Boys Should Know How to Use a Thurible

The thurible is an important piece of liturgical equipment that all altar boys should know how to use. Unfortunately, just because they should know how to use it does not mean that most do know. Here is a video that … Continue reading

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Cardinal Dolan, the Man Who Must Never be Pope

Before the conclave took place, there was quite a bit of speculation that an American would be chosen to lead the Church. One name in particular led the list: Cardinal Timothy Dolan. On the surface, Dolan looks good. He’s happy … Continue reading

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A Member of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter Speaks on the Latin Mass

I thought that I would follow-up my previous post about the problems in the SSPX by presenting you with several videos on the Latin Mass by a priest who is in communion with Rome. Fr. Calvin Goodwin is a member the Priestly … Continue reading

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Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen Talks about Angels

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Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen Speaks on Temptation


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A Video on the Latin Mass Narrated by Archbishop Sheen

In this film for 1941, then-Msgr. Fulton Sheen narrates the celebrated of a solemn High Mass at Easter. Very beautiful.

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Archbishop Fulton Sheen Sets the Record Straight on Contraception

As we near the national election, all Catholics (and all Americans) should listen to this lecture on the evils of contraception.

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