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The War for the Soul of SSPX Continues

Last October, I wrote an article stating that there were three distinctive splinter groups within SSPX. It appears that I was wrong about that. Instead, there appears to be one main, umbrella group working to create an alternative, ultra-right wing … Continue reading

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The Anglican Church Continues Its Steady Journey Towards Oblivion

Today, during the course of its annual general synod, the Anglican Church voted on the subject of women bishops. Contrary to the expectations of everyone (including this writer), this legislation was not passed. Don’t start rejoicing and proclaiming that there … Continue reading

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SSPX Splinters Further (Like all Protestant Organizations)

The Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) has once again show its true colors through the actions of its members. In the last year or so, three breakaway movements have appeared within the ranks of SSPX to counter Fellay’s efforts … Continue reading

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The Fat Lady Has Yet To Sing: the Vatican and the 21st Century Protestants (SSPX)

One of the biggest religious news stories in the last month has been the conclusion of talks between the Vatican and the schismatic, break-off SSPX group. Here are my thoughts on the subject. Before I do I want to make … Continue reading

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The True Face of Modernism Revealed

The following is an amusing clip from a British TV show “Yes, Prime Minister”.  In it there is an explanation of modernism that is spot on.  Enjoy.

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Catholics Must Read the Bible

The statement above may seem like an obvious fact, but sad to say most Catholics do not read their Bibles.  There are a few Catholics who read their Bibles, but the vast majority do not.  Most seem to think that … Continue reading

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A Taste of Things to Come

This is the first of hopefully many posts to come.  If you go to my profile you will see that it says three things, “Born Roman Catholic.  Raised Roman Catholic.  Will die Roman Catholic.”  That will gives you some idea … Continue reading

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