Merry Christmas 2015

Merry ChristmasI would like to wish all the readers of RealRomanCatholic a Merry Christmas and a Holy and Happy New Year.

As a Christmas present, I have dropped the price of Church Triumphant to 99cents. Start the New Year reading about the saints so that you too can become a saint.

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Pope Francis Was Responsible for Letting the Heretics Loose at the Synod

If the poor slobs only knew.

If the poor slobs only knew.

This is part three of a series of three articles this week where I comment on the 2015 Synod on the Family in Rome. Hold onto your seats.

Before I start, I would like to apologize for the fact that this final post on the 2015 Synod on the Family has taken over a month to publish. Every time I went to write this article, something came up. But I’m here now to finish what I started. Now that is out-of-the-way, we can begin

I know there will be quite a few cries of “papal infallibility” from the audience because of the title of this post. As a Catholic, I am very aware of the doctrine of papal infallibility. However, papal infallibility only applies when the pope speaks from the Chair of Peter on a topic of Faith or Morals. The last time this happened was when Pope Pius XII declared the dogma of the Immaculate Conception in 1854. It has not happened since.

Everything that took place during the 2015 Synod on the Family (as well as the 2014 synod) can be laid at the feet of Pope Francis. As pope, Francis is the leader of all synods that are called during his papacy. He is the president of the synod. He invites the participants. He determines the agenda. At the end of the synod, he ratifies the final documents. The synod is his creation.

Francis could have created the illusion that this year’s synod was going to be more conservative (or at least more moderate) after last years pro-homosexual union love fest. However, he appointed the same liberals to lead this year’s synod.

Now some will argue that Pope Francis was not aware of the liberal and sometimes heretical leanings of those he invited to the synod. I doubt that very much. Before he was elected pope, Francis was a cardinal for 14 years. You can’t be in the hierarchy of the largest church in the world for that long without getting to know the other players, at least by reputation. Besides he saw what they came up with last year.

An example of the heterodox clerics that Francis included in the synod is Cardinal Deneels of Belgium, who I mentioned in a previous post. Deneels is the retired head of the Catholic Church in Belgium. During his time as primate, Deneels pushed for the government legalization of abortion and same-sex marriage. Deneels also covered up for a fellow bishop who was a pedophile. Deneels went to the bishop’s victim (also the bishop’s nephew) and told him to keep quiet because the bishop was going to retire soon.

According to Deneels’ autobiography, he and a group of liberal cardinals pressured Pope Benedict to retire. During the resulting conclave, the same group of cardinals campaigned and canvassed votes (which is against Canon Law) to get Francis elected. Again this is what Deneels said in his own book. These are the people who Francis invited to the Synod. It seems like more than a coincidence.

In the end, all we can do is pray that God will give us the strength and wisdom to overcome the advances of the Devil as he tries to destroy his ultimate enemy: the Catholic Church.

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What the Hell are the Bishops at the Synod Thinking?


Archbishop Paul-Andre Durocher “Isn’t this whole thing just too funny for words?”

This is part two of a series of three articles this week where I comment on the 2015 Synod on the Family in Rome. Hold onto your seats.

During the course of this Synod on the Family, a number of bishops and cardinals proposed ideas that either had nothing to do with the family or were heretical in nature. In this post, I’ll list a number of problematic clerics to help you understand the problems at the Synod.

To start us off, Archbishop Paul-Andre Durocher of Quebec called for women deacons. What exactly does that have to do with the family? Absolutely nothing. The Archbishop claims that this will give women more opportunities in the Church. What he really means is that it would bring women priests one step closer to reality. I talked to a priest one time about the idea of women deacons and he said there was no problem with it because it wasn’t really an ordained position in the Church. Besides they did it in the Early Church. My answer would be “Jesus picked 12 men to be His Apostles. Because of that the Catholic Church has always had a male clergy. Even St. John Paul II said that man could not introduce women clergy because it was a law created by God and therefore, unchangeable by man.”

We can’t forget Cardinal Walter Kasper, who wants desperately to give Holy Communion to those in sin. Kasper has been campaigning for years to allow Holy Communion for the civilly divorced. Never mind the fact that Jesus said in the Gospel “What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.” (St. Matthew 19:6, DRB) This may prohibit divorce, but to it seems that the Cardinal is more interested in allowing those in sin to approach the Altar of God than to follow Christ’s commands.

 Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Mumbai, India, caused quite a few people to raise their eyebrows when he granted an interview to New Ways Ministries. New Ways Ministries  was condemned by Cardinal Ratzinger as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Fain in 1999 for opposing the Catholic teaching on homosexuality. Cardinal Gracias told the gay-friendly group that the synod should have listened to same-sex couples because they so much to offer. This cleric seems to forget that when God created the original family, He created Adam and Even, not Adam and Larry. Same-sex couples are two people who have decided to give into temptation and live in sin. It almost seems like, in order to get ahead in the Church, you must oppose its doctrine.

Bishop Peter Doyle of Northampton, England, has complained that the Synod has not addressed the plight of homosexuals. Um, Your Excellency, it’s called the Synod on the Family for a reason: you’re supposed to be discussing the plight of FAMILIES in the modern world. The Church counsels those with same-sex attractions to live chaste lives, so they can grow in holiness. There are a number of programs in the Church designed to help this with such attractions. What more do you want? The Church cannot approve that which God has declared sinful.

From our own country, we have Archbishop Blase Cupich of Chicago who pledged to give Holy Communion to gay couples. Again, these clerics seem to ignore the fact that gay couples are living in sin and therefore have no right to receive Holy Communion. To do so would be a grave sacrilege on both the part of the person going to Communion and the priest knowingly giving it to them.

Finally, I would like to mention Cardinal Deneels of Belgium. As far as I know, he has not proposed any goofy ideas, but this former primate of Belgium has no right to be at the Synod. He knew that a friend and fellow bishop was a pedophile and covered up for him. In 1990, he counseled the King of Belgium to approve abortion, even though the monarch had misgivings. He recently congratulated the government on approving same-sex “marriages”. During his reign, Sunday Mass attendance dropped to 11% and has not recovered. (In the US, it is about 25%.) Any one of these errors should have kept him from being invited to the Synod, but Pope Francis picked him anyway.

If you look at the prelates I listed here, you might think that the conservative bishops outnumber the far-out ones. That may not be true. The German bishops have pledged to support Kasper’s Communion for the divorced plan. There are other groups of prelates lining up behind different outrageous proposals. We must pray and pray hard for strength for those who have pledged to uphold tradition (such as the Latvian and Polish bishops) against those who would try to change doctrine. In the end, the latter will not succeed because God promised that Hell would not prevail. For now, we must do what we can to prevent souls from being lost to the Devil.

In my final post, I will take a look at the man who made this all possible, Pope Francis. Stay Tuned.

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I Wish the Catholic Media Would Tell the Truth

The Cave from Plato's Republic

Only the shadows are real. Ignore the people behind the wall

This is part one of a series of three articles this week where I comment on the 2015 Synod on the Family in Rome. Hold onto your seats.

When I look at how the mainstream Catholic news services report on this year’s Synod on the Family, I am immediately frustrated. Most major Catholic news sites (ETWN, National Catholic Register, Catholic Herald, Patheos, and others) put on a cheery face and ignore all the errors and craziness coming out of the Synod. You have archbishops proposing giving Holy Communion to people who openly live in sin or people who are non-Catholic, but are married to a Catholic spouse. You have cardinals who want to “widen” the definition marriage to allow all kinds of perverse relations to be considered the norm. This is what these “professional” Catholic newsmen (and women) should report on, but they don’t.

The problem goes further. If a Catholic has the audacity to report something that goes against the mainstream Catholic media, like the stories I mentioned above, the “professional” Catholics attack them. For example, one of my main sources for Catholic news is a site named PewSitter, basically the Drudge Report of Catholic news. PewSitter does not host articles but points to important articles on other sites. PewSitter has been attacked by “professional” Catholic commentators such as Mark Shea and Fr. Dwight Longnecker.

I used to respect Fr. Longnecker because he appeared to be Traditional in his views, but he recently attacked PewSitter by saying it must be a liberal joke site because no real Catholic could believe the headlines. In fact, my previous post “Catholics are Destroying Christianity” was written in response to an article he wrote.  (Interestingly, last year Fr. Longnecker wrote an article defending the Muslim religion by incorrectly stating that the Koran does not justify beheading. You can read more here.) Father Longnecker, St. Gregory the Great said, “It is better that scandals arise than the truth be suppressed.” The Church has always sought to tell and preach the truth, why are you afraid to do so?

Why do I call these people “professional” Catholics? Well, to be honest (which as Catholics, we are supposed to be) I picked it up from Michael Voris. The term “professional” Catholic refers to people who get paid to promote the Catholic establishment’s slogan “Everything is okay. Everything is alright.” These people receive large salaries to hide and obfuscate the truth, so you will not become alarmed by the destruction of the Church and civilization around you. One the other hand, independent Catholic, like myself, receive little to no financial support. In the years that I have run this blog, my donations totaled a whole 99 cents. For me and others this is not a money-making proposition, it is our feeble attempt to help wake up enough Catholics to get the Catholic Church back on the path to saving souls.

By now, you may be wondering “What does that picture at the top the article have to do with any of this?” Simple. It is a reference to the cave allegory in Plato’s Republic. For those of you who never heard of it or barely passed Philosophy in college (just like me), let me explain. In a cave, there are several people chained so they can only face the wall of the cave. Behind them, there is a light source and between them and the light source is a short wall. Behind the short wall, people pass by carrying different items. The people chained only see the blurry shadows of the items on the wall and think that is reality. When one of the prisoners gets loose, he goes outside and sees the true reality of the world. He returns to the cave and tries to convince the remaining prisoners that what they are seeing is not reality. They refuse to believe him, content with only the shadows of reality.

In this instance, the prisoners staring at the cave wall are the majority of Catholics. The people casting the shadows on the wall are the “professional” Catholics, who deal in fluff and half-truths. The prisoner who escaped to the outside and returned to tell his fellows the truth stands for all Catholics who cannot stand by meekly and see the Church they love ruined by clerics who are heretics.

We must pray for our fellow Catholics and spread the truth of what is happening around us before it is too late.

In my next article, I will ask the question “What the hell are the bishops thinking?”

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Catholics are Destroying Christianity

The other day, I ran across an article on a Catholic website entitled “Protestant are Destroying Christianity”. As a Catholic who attended a Protestant university, I had to investigate. The majority of the article concerned the heresy of “Sola Scriptura” or “Scripture Alone”. While the article was correct about the error of “Sola Scriptura”, it was incorrect about where to lay the blame for the destruction of Christianity. The blame lies squarely at the foot of the Catholic Church.

Before you get out the pitchforks and plan a lynching mob (if you’re Catholic), let me make one thing crystal clear: I am a baptized, practicing Roman Catholic who attends Mass everyday. I plan to stay that way until the day I  die.

Now to my argument.

Why would I say such a horrible thing about the Catholic Church? We all know that the Catholic Church is the one and only true Church created by Christ to save souls. That is a given. As part of that mission to save souls, the Catholic Church leads by example. While many Protestants spend their time attacking the Catholic Church, the truth of the matter is that many Christians look to the Catholic Church for guidance. I will give you two examples of that in my life.

Example #1. When I was in college, there was a pro-gay group called Soulforce that was visiting campuses across the country spreading their flawed gospel. One of the colleges on their itinerary was the Christian university I was attending. One day, my Dad and I ran into the guy who was basically the campus pastor. He told us that the leaders of the university had been praying and studying what to do when Soulforce showed up. He told us that they had read some Catholic documents concerning homosexuality. My Dad told him that Pope John Paul II had written on the subject (this was when Pope John Paul II was still alive). He eagerly asked my Dad to send the Pope’s writings to him. In the end, the university told Soulforce they could not come onto the campus because it was private property. A couple of them did anyway and were arrested by local police. They went to another protestant college down the road and were welcomed with open arms.

Example #2. In an economics class, we were discussing an article which stated that abortion reduced poverty (I think it might have been a chapter from Freakonomics.) The feeling of the class and the professor was that their argument was baloney. In fact, the professor (who knew I was Catholic) said that if it was not for the Catholic Church, Protestant churches would not be as pro-life as they are. On a side note, the university passed out a little booklet on health to all the students. In this booklet, there was a page promoting. contraceptives. On that page, the university had added a neon green sticker saying that the university did not agree with the use of contraceptive. In fact, this university just won an exemption from paying for contraceptives through Obamacare.

If you look at the example of the Catholic Church over the last 60 years, it is horrible. There has been a drastic drop in the number of Catholics attending Mass regularly or entering religious life. Discipline in the Catholic Church only exists during Advent and Lent (if then). Annulments have drastically increased. Catholic politicians attack the Catholic sacrament of marriage and support the murder of the innocence. For example, Nancy Pelosi (a good Catholic grandma) is pushing for gay “marriage” and increased abortions. In fact, she wants to investigate the investigators who have been releasing those damaging videos about Planned Parenthood. Here’s an interesting fact: Catholic judges helped legalize both abortion and gay “marriage”. In both cases, Catholics made up the majority of the judges involved.

burk-how-did-we-get-to-this-pointCatholic education has deteriorated to such an extent that many Catholics know very little about the Catholic Faith and what they do know is polluted with heresy and error. Very few Catholics have read the Bible and would probably fail a Bible quiz. (Remember, St. Jerome said, “Ignorance of the Bible is ignorance of Christ.”) Because of this lack of education, many Catholics are starved for knowledge and abandon the feel-good. puff sermons found in many Catholic Churches for the Bible heavy sermon of the Protestant churches. Archbishop Chaput was asked once during an interview how he would bring young Catholics back to the Faith. He hemmed and hawed and seem genuinely stumped by the questions. It didn’t occur to him that those young Catholics were sick of this modern fluff and wanted solid Catholic teaching.

And where is the leadership of the Catholic Church while the laity fall away or wallow in error? They encourage the error. Now days, most are busy fighting the phantom that is “global warming” or working to silence those like me who point out the problems in the Church. They stick their fingers in their ears and say, “La-la-la. I can’t hear you. The Church has never been better. La-la-la.” Where are the denouncements of the evils of our age? Why didn’t the USCCB condemn the legalization of gay “marriage”? Because there is no leadership anymore.

burke-magisteriumThe clerics who do speak up are silenced. Take Fr. Justin Wylie who have the gall to point out the persecution by local bishops and priest of traditional Catholics who only to able to worship God as their ancestors. He was sent back to Africa by Cardinal Dolan and given a dangerous parish in the boondocks. What about Cardinal Burke being banished from the Apostolic Signatura by Pope Francis? Burke was and still is one of the strongest voices for orthodox in the Church, so Francis had to move him out of the spotlight.

How can we expect to lead by example if we set such a horrible example? How can most take us seriously when the Bible says “what God has joined let no man put asunder”, but Catholic marriages are annulled right and left. How can anyone take our defense of traditional marriage seriously if some of the highest cardinals call for gay unions? We can no longer truly leave by example if our example is so flayed.

What can we fix this? How does the Catholic Church regain Her position as leader of the Christian world? First, we need to pull our heads out of the sand and realize the mess we are in. Just like an addict can’t get over his addiction if he doesn’t admit to the addiction, the Catholic Church cannot begin to heal until all Catholics, whether they are lay, consecrated, or ordained. admit the Church is in bad shape. Second, start pointing out the errors of the age, ie homosexual marriage, abortion, the murder of the Christians in the Middle East. You’ll lose many friends, but you’ll save many souls. After all, what is more important having many friends on earth or having many friendly souls waiting to greet you in Heaven? Many will say that this plan sounds over simplified or the steps are too big. I ask you to look at the empty churches around the world, listen to the blood of the slain innocent. We don’t have time to wait. It is time to choose what size your are on: the side of Christ and His Gospel or on the side of the Devil and his earthly works. The time is now.

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Planned Parenthood and Resurrection Men


Resurrection men going about their grisly business.

Unless you are a fan of Victorian history or literature, chances are that you have never heard of the term resurrection men. Resurrection men (also known as body snatchers, but I prefer the term resurrection men) were men paid by doctors to dig up the bodies of the dead. These corpses were then used for dissection so that the doctors could learn how the body works. This job was highly illegal and had to be done under the cover of darkness.

When I first heard of the five videos (so far) exposing Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby body parts, I thought of the resurrection men. In many ways, the two are very similar. Both disturb the rest of the dead for use in medical experiments. Both are also highly illegal. Both are for profit. However, back in the day there was a lot more outrage over body snatching than there is over Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby body parts. In fact, there were several riots when people learned about loved ones being dug up for use in experiments.

Those who support Planned Parenthood are making arguments that could have been used to defend the use of resurrection men hundreds of years ago. These heartless people claim that PP is not profiting from the sale of these body parts, that they are going used to further medical research. What the bodies are used for is beside the point. PP is profiting from the murder of those who cannot defend themselves. These people claim that PP is only charging a transportation fee. Based on the prices that PP is charging in the videos, they must be making deliveries in a fleet of Hummers.

There was a pair of resurrection men who operated in a similar fashion to Planned Parenthood. The infamous Burke and Hare operated in the 1820s and decided that the best way to get fresh corpses for their clients (and more money) was to commit murder. The two men murdered sixteen people before they were caught. Hare was able to testify against his partner in exchange for immunity and Burke was hanged. Like I said, the public was more outraged about this behavior in the past.

As a country, we have to awake from our slumber and realize the evil that is going on in our world. This Planned Parenthood scandal did not come into being overnight. It had been happening for a long time and no one did anything about it. That time is past. We must storm heaven with prayers and our politicians with calls, texts and emails demanding that this madness stop. If we do not stop soon, I have no doubt that the US will feel the wrath of an angry God.


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IndieCatholicWritersSaleHi, everyone.

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