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The New Lone Ranger Is a Great Example of Hollywood’s Ongoing Destrution of American Culture

Wow! That has got to be one of the longest post titles I have ever written. Anyway, unless you live in a cave or if you are free from the constant bombardment of video, radio and print ads, you know … Continue reading

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The Alamo (1960), A Patriotic Film Every American Should See

Like most of you, I enjoy a good movie. However, now days it is harder and harder to find a decent, especially one you can show to your entire family. Your best option is to pick a film from years … Continue reading

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Don’t Go To See Prometheus If You Value Your Soul

A couple of weeks ago Ridley Scott release a prequel to his popular Alien series. The film is entitled Prometheus and is a dangerous film because it is an attack on Christianity. As the story of the film unfolds, two archaeologists discover that an identical … Continue reading

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For Greater Glory – A Important Film About Religious Freedom

This is the first of many movie reviews to come. My goal is to highlight films which Catholics can watch without risking their souls. For my first review, I would like to talk about “For Greater Glory.” Year after year, … Continue reading

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