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The New Lone Ranger Is a Great Example of Hollywood’s Ongoing Destrution of American Culture

Wow! That has got to be one of the longest post titles I have ever written. Anyway, unless you live in a cave or if you are free from the constant bombardment of video, radio and print ads, you know … Continue reading

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The Alamo (1960), A Patriotic Film Every American Should See

Like most of you, I enjoy a good movie. However, now days it is harder and harder to find a decent, especially one you can show to your entire family. Your best option is to pick a film from years … Continue reading

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Don’t Go To See Prometheus If You Value Your Soul

A couple of weeks ago Ridley Scott release a prequel to his popular Alien series. The film is entitled Prometheus and is a dangerous film because it is an attack on Christianity. As the story of the film unfolds, two archaeologists discover that an identical … Continue reading

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