This blog is written by a Roman Catholic who is so fed up with what is going on in the world and in his church that he will no longer be silent.  The goal of this blog is to bring answers and enlightenment to some and shame to others.  With Jesus and Mary guiding his words, the writer hopes to help combat the move towards liberalism (the mental disorder) and help bring about a return to traditions.


4 Responses to About

  1. joan ellen says:

    Before I came to this page (ABOUT) on the Raging Roman Catholic Blog (editor’s note: this is the previous name of this blog), I was thinking that the tone and direction of the Raging Roman Catholic Blog is one of Show The Problem AND Tell The Solution to the problems (BURDENS is a more scripturally accurate term, I think) in the Church and, then of course, in the world.


  2. joan ellen says:

    Since the Mass is problematic (a burden) for many, because of the novelties in the Ordinary Form (OF)-New Mass (Novus Ordo)-1970, and the lack of Extraordinary Form (EF)-Old Mass (Tridentine, Traditional Latin Mass)-1962, could you have a category of Mass and/or Forms of Mass?

    Thanks for your consideration.


  3. I have a basic problem with writings that are anonymous. Can’t the author sign his pieces?


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